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Thursday, July 07, 2016

This onion is my "B"

It has taken me quite a long time to say that but I have officially conquered the onion. 
Before I learned how to properly dice, cutting an onion was more like an horror film where the bad guys randomly swings his axe, chopping its victim in varies shapes and sizes. No matter how I seemed to start, it always came out irregular with large pieces in funky shapes - not good for trying to evenly cook them. Actually one of my first lessons from Cheffy was how to cut an onion. I never figured it would be the epicenter of my cooking experience but it has made all the difference in time and flavor. Once that onion became my "B" I felt more confident with my knife, cooking from scratch took half the time it did beforehand and honestly I felt a little bit like a badass. 
Yes, learning to dice an onion did all that for me and honestly it is going to change the way you cook.

First cut the onion in half from root to top. Do not cut the root off or slice through the root in any of these steps! Trust me.....
Lay one half of the onion down and make three horizontal slices towards the root, start close to the cutting board and move your way up the onion. (pic one)
Now turn the front of the onion towards you and make slices from the top of the onion straight down to the board without the the tip of the knife penetrating the root  (pic two)
From here all you have to do is turn the onion towards your dominate hand again and slice downward starting at the front and working your way back to the root. Keep your fingers in the claw position to protect your little piggys from being chopped off. (pic three)
The root keeps the onion together until the very last slice.
HOW does cutting a simple onion change your life?
Well, this technique works on everything: Garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, fennel, radishes...anything that is semi-round.
Cutting your veggies in the same size allows for even cooking, something that is essential to flavor and timing. 
Look at this perfectly diced garlic! So tiny and perfectly sized.
Next time you need an onion give Cheffy's method a try, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how quickly your prep goes.

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