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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pallet project Part 1 - taking apart a pallet.

Not the most artistic person in the world but love making things from nothing. Cleaning up the yard last fall we noticed an abundance of old pallets lying about and decided that reusing them would be a fun project. 

The usual problem I have is getting the old pallets apart without splitting them so I have come up with a (what I think is) genius method.  Yup, I just use one of the 2x4s. Ok maybe not genius but compared to some of the methods you find on the internet this has to be the easiest -I mean who has time to make a pallet separator out of metal or have the strength to use a hammer? 
Basically, I just take the 2x4 and place it under the boards I want to loosen. Make sure it is as close to the board and where it is nailed in as possible. Brace the pallet and slowly push down on the 2x4 causing the other side to lift up. (You are using the other board behind the 2x4 as a support brace.) Don't force it so much that you hear it crack but you will hear creaking sounds. My trick is to start in the center and then go to each side and repeat until the board "pops" off. Of course you're going to lose some of the boards but for the most part the boards will pop off and all that is left is pulling the nails out. Once you have removed most of the boards I will just place an extra piece of wood to use as support when removing the last piece. 
Pretty easy, right?
Wait till you see what we have been working on.

Another trick I have learned? Whenever working on a project always reward yourself for all the work you have done. For us it was a fire, cigar, and some whiskey. Aww the good life.

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  1. I love the idea of rewarding yourself. Have a lovely morning, dear. xoxo


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