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Friday, April 03, 2015

Happy Spring...

Spring is in the air and the Magnolia trees and Cherry Trees are in bloom and Easter is fast approaching. Most of you know that I had given up sweets for lent which turned out to be a great segway into a healthier body and younger looking skin and now that I got that under control I can turn my attention on organizing and decorating for Spring. I love how Spring inspires me to clear out the old clutter from my living space, body and life...Spring is the time to say "hello" to new things and new experiences. I just can not wait to see what this season shall bring me. Maybe it is time to pack up and move to a new spot, maybe a new career opportunity in brewing and maybe love is in the air...maybe all of this is happening right now? Hmmmm I may have said too much- I'll fill you in on that later :)

For now I found these delightful arrangements for Easter Brunch.

Just adorable, don't you think? 

As I sit here waiting for the scones to bake and drinking my cup of coffee I can't help but envision new and brighter art for my walls. Minted holds my attention as I view the latest work by independent artist. 
Yes, all these prints say SPRING to me. 

See it here
What a fun collection of prints. 
My Art Wall by Tina, see more art prints
My Art Wall board by Tina. See more art prints

What do you do to welcome Spring?

Scones are done and look too good to wait. Happy Weekend. 


  1. Super Cute table ideas. I am always looking for a way to spiff up my space. Happy Easter.

    1. Thanks Tara
      I am super excited to get organized and add some spring decor to the home. Happy Easter to you too.

    2. I love the art!! You have inspired me to do some Spring updating of my own. Wish I would have seen those Easter ideas before yesterday!!


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