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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happiness...Its about balance

Life isn't perfect...and although we wish for the man of our dreams to sweep us off our feet or having the perfect job we seldom have anything that can be remotely described as perfect. Its all about balance. Tonight could be a perfect example. Let's see....after eating chicken strips and fries from Dairy Queen in bed while watching about 5 episodes of Don't trust the B... in apartment 23 I ate a blizzard. Ok so not the healthiest dinner BUT after food coma passed and a 10 minute cat nap I put on my workout clothes and headed to the gym where I participated in a body pump class that is pretty much all squats and lunges. Not only did I "up" my weight this time but afterwards I put on my swimsuit and headed to the pool to do a few laps before returning home- Balance. I believe that a balanced life is a happy one. Work hard but play hard too, isn't that the saying? My saying, "Appreciate the big changes in life but pay attention to the little things that happen." Most of "everyday" experiences lead you to something bigger. Right now I am in the midst (1-1/2 yr process so far) of a divorce, newish relationship that has a 16 year span, daughter graduating college and thinking of opening up a bistro with Cheffy. That is a lot of stress for one individual and yet I feel happy. Yes, I have my bad days and even weeks of bad moments but for the most part I am content and relish on the moments in life which makes me happy.
Some days what makes me happy is a thought, or a special moment, or a kind gesture and then there are those day that nothing makes you happier than something new and fresh and purdy to look at! Today's happy moment is provided by Minted. YUP- my package arrived today and I couldn't be more excited. I am thinking of it as a little early Mother's day present to Me from Meeee. Minted caught my eye because it gathers artist from all over the world and showcases them on one site. The site also holds regular challenges that anyone can enter and win money as well as commission if their item is chosen. Right now they have a photography contest that so far I have not had the courage to sign up for.
 As I remove each photo from the package I sighed with satisfaction...I love my picks. I chose Consegra by Sharon Rowan, Yellow by Smile Peach Love, and Stardown by Amy Carroll and each one came with a little background story of the artist and a certificate of authenticity.
How do you stay balanced? What is your happy?


  1. Erika with me....now4/25/2015 3:52 PM

    I have to admit that I forget to look to the little things for my happy. Thanks for the reminder. xoxoxo

  2. Beautiful pieces and I agree, it's all in the balance. I loved reading this post as I also try to find daily happiness in those little everyday moments. Have a jolly good start to the day, sweetie.


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