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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sugar I love...I hate you....ugh.

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Apparently I am a masochist and I love to torture myself,,,, I have officially given up sweets for Lent. Yup, no sugar for 40 days. Didn't sound so bad 2 weeks ago but today I am feeling it. Could be that I am a stress eater...always have been, and stress has been my best friend and companion these days.
Not a practicing christian but I'm spiritual enough that I wanted to respect the upcoming holiday traditions and guidelines and pay homage to my god that when my boss and friend reminded me of lent I quickly did an inventory on my lifes must have and realized sugar has been a major player since Christmas...ok ok, since Thanksgiving. I really didn't think giving up sweets would affect me so much, I knew I liked them but I had no idea the amount of sweets I was indulging in until giving them up. And for that matter I had no idea the effect sugar had on my body until a week after lent began and  I stepped on the scale to find that I was 2 pounds lighter.....this week? yup 2 more pounds lost. All this without changing my other eating habits or adding any additional exercise; I would actually say that I have worked out less than normal these last few weeks. So, how the weight loss then?
Did you know that our body's can only metabolise about 9 tsp of sugar a day? So you think you only eat around 9 tsp or 45g a day. Let's see:
On average I consumed about 79 grams! and that is not even counting the hidden sugar in foods like Chinese foods and spaghetti sauces or the donut binge I would occasionally find myself having.

7 g of sugar- 1 cup of strawberries (breakfast smoothie)
14 g- banana (mid morning snack)
7 g - 2 small sugar cookies (mid day snack)
10g - cup of tomato soup (lunch)
10 g- yoplait yogurt (post work out snack)
4.2 g- mini laffy taffy (just cuz)
10 g - one slice of pizza (dinner)
17 g - cup of ice cream (dessert)

So besides weight gain what are the other effects of fructose? (from Sarah Wilson's I quit sugar article)
A few factoids to get started. To be clear, it’s fructose that’s the enemy, not sugar per se. And here’s why! I’ve learned that fructose:
♥ makes us eat more, because we humans haven’t  evolved an ‘off switch’ for fructose to signal when we’ve had enough (all very well back when we were cave people and sugar was rare).
♥ converts directly to fat in our bodies rather than to energy for our immediate needs.
♥ inhibits our immune system, making it harder to fight off viruses and infections.
♥ upsets the mineral balance in our bodies, causing deficiencies as well as interfering with mineral absorption. 
♥ messes with fertility.
♥ speeds up the ageing process.
♥ is linked to dementia.
♥ has been connected with the development of cancers of the breasts, ovaries, prostate, rectum, pancreas, lung, gall bladder and stomach.
♥ causes an acidic digestive tract and indigestion.
♥ can cause a rapid rise in adrenaline, as well as hyperactivity, anxiety and a loss of concentration.

After reading this article and seeing the 4 pound weight loss I am ready to see if I can "quit sugar".......

.......Who's with me? 

11 weird things sugar does to your body
I quit sugar 
Thanks Diana for sharing this post on sugar. 


  1. you are my hero! Seriously! I am trying to watch the labels and the fructose! Keep it up!!! laura

  2. I can definitely appreciate that many of us have far too much sugar. I don't drink juice or soda, but do like the occasional sweet or cereal. I am a bit surprised Sarah in the article proposed dropping fruit entirely but supported toast with butter as a snack. We all need to make healthier choices and I'm trying to learn more sugar free desserts. In the meantime though, a little sugar from fruit isn't something that makes sense to cut out. I read labels a lot more since having a baby and also try to buy products with the least processing (peanut butter with only peanuts, tomato paste that is pure tomatoes, etc) I'd be curious to do a little more though.
    Good luck in the no sugar journey!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

    1. This is just my starting point. I need to do a lot more research to find out how much sugar I want to actually cut out. All the processed foods are an easy decision as I already have noticed changes in my skin and body but I could never give up my fresh fruit completely.

  3. You're doing so well, sweetie and my pleasure! xoxo

  4. Ellen Stokes, MS, RD, LD3/20/2015 11:51 AM

    As a registered dietitian who works closely with the Calorie Control Council, I applaud your efforts to watch what you eat. However, I cannot support your "factoids" that are not facts about fructose at all. As you know, you can find just about anything on the internet that is put forth as fact, but there is NO sound scientific evidence to back up what you said. I've read numerous well-conducted research studies on fructose and they found no such connections between fructose and ailments you named. The message is and always will be moderation in all things -- including fructose.

    1. Ellen,
      I appreciate your comment. I am not a dietitian and am always looking for good sources of information. The factoids that I listed came straight from the mentioned article. I believe that they were talking about excessive fructose consumption is the problem and that is why Sarah quit sugar, quitting sugar would be way too hard for me but I think reducing my intake and making better choices is a good healthy way to live "almost" sugar free.


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