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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Seattle dining "Experience" Staple and Fancy

Staple and Fancy Mercantile....I just didn't get the name until I had the pleasure of dining there recently. Located in a renovated old machine shop in Ballard it boast graffiti brink walls,  metal encased wooden tables, a wall that opens completely and planked flooring -giving it a relax vibe. How could I have missed this place?....Its an Ethan Stowell restaurant and was just voted best Italian restaurant in Seattle by the Daily Meal
Staple and Fancy 
"Staple and Fancy is simple, Italian-inspired food and offers innovative à la carte staple choices in addition to a popular chef’s choice fancy menu. The latter is a multi-course feast of seasonal dishes crafted by the chef for each table. We really recommend that you relax and put your dining experience in our hands. We’ll take care of everything."   via the website. I get it. 

When we arrived we were immediately taken to our table where we were greeted by our server as well as one of the head Chefs. To my delight our dinner companions ordered the Chef's choice Fancy Menu for us so all I had to do was order a drink and sit back and enjoy the show.
Parsnip Puree with fried sage and in the background House made Charcuterie.

Kumamoto oysters served with freshly grated horseradish. Super sweet.

Steak tartare served with toasted points. 

Sashimi hamachi with avocado puree.
Roasted bone marrow. Silky and just so flavorful. Biggest surprise of the evening.

Roasted Dungeness crab
Gnocchi with braised pork
Noodles in a spicy tomato sauce. 
Seared black Cod with fingerling potato and cauliflower. 
Wood fired Sirloin with parsnip puree, bacon and a demi glace that swooned my senses. 
Cappuccino. For me the best way to end a scrumptious dinner. 
 While normally the chef's choice "Fancy" dinner would be 4 courses we were given special treatment. Having one of the chefs in tow with us warranted us what I can only call a fantastic Dining "Experience". 

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