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Monday, November 12, 2012

Carb cycling

Carb Cycling, so what is it? The Wikipedia defines Carb cycling as A cyclic ketogenic diet (or carb-cycling) is a low-carbohydrate diet with intermittent periods of high or moderate carbohydrate consumption. I first heard about it on Dr. Oz where Chris Powell was a guest. Like most woman I have tried a number of diets through out my years and for some reason or another never stuck to them or never got the results I was looking for. I would eventually give in to my sweet tooth telling myself that I should just be happy with how I look or some other self righteous notion that would allow me to quit and settle back into my routine of eating a bag of potato chips and whinning that my jeans don't fit. The only problem with that is you wake up and realize that it is not self powering to be overweight and lazy and eventually you have to face that fact that your a fat slob and need to get into gear. 
Okay maybe that is a bit harsh but I am really getting tired of my own justification on why I can be happy at my current weight. To be honest I am not considered overweight but as I had posted before I have a high percentage of body fat which is very unhealthy. I have joined a gym and although my body fat percent is lower and moving in the right direction each month I am still not getting the results I want as fast as I would like them. After meeting with my trainer after two months he said to meet my goals I MUST change my eating habits. Why would I put all the work into coming three times a week to work out if I was going to sabotage myself with what I shove into my face? Good  Great question! So after my work out I headed home to watch my beloved Dr. Oz and wouldn't you know it.....he was talking right to ME. Okay I am not crazy and I didn't hear him say my name but he was addressing the age old problem I have with dieting; cravings! I love me some food. It actually makes me giddy and sometimes when no ones around I will hum when I love something I am eating. Actually I have done that with people in the room too. Anyways, I love my sweets, salty, and spicy food and really can't seem to stick to a diet long enough to get any real results before I dive into the bag of chips or have a bowl of ice cream. So that brings me to Chris Powells Carb Cycling solution. 

In a nut shell it is a day of high carb foods followed by low carb foods and the real reason I want to sing its get a cheat day. Well hello potato chips and Ice cream! Yes once a week you get to enjoy the foods you have refrained from eating all week and it won't sabotage your progress. I am still in the research phase but this diet combined with my workouts will be the ultimate combination to bring me to my goal weight, I just know it. I have ordered the book from the library but plan on starting tomorrow with what I have found on Dr. Oz and other articles from Joefitness . Although they are all a bit different they do share the same basic principles.  

Have you tried Carb Cycling? What are your thoughts? 

Get the book here

Happy Veterans day!


  1. girl - if u can believe it - 10 days with no power and i'm somehow HEAVIER then before Hurricane Sandy! - i'm ALL aboard with my exercise routine - i'm really good with my carbs - but i like the idea of the cycle - gotta try it out!!!

  2. sounds like a good happy medium to those no carbs at all! diets...sounds good to me!

  3. Erika -Glad to hear that you are surviving the storm. Carb cycling makes sense...we'll see if I've lost anything come Monday.

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