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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Room Review

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I finally felt the desire to update the guest room. So far this room has served as my wrapping room, extra coupon item storage, and of course my homemade toxin free manufacturing room. To say the least it needed a little TLC. Digging around I found that I could update without spending a lot of money. Most of the furniture was left when my daughter went to college and the other items were found at goodwill while the bedding all came from Target. 

My idea was to make it as comfortable as possible with all the necessities you'd find at a hotel. Vanity has shampoos and lotions and a designated drawer has all the toiletries one can desire. In the other drawers I placed extra sheets and blankets and off course extra socks. 

What do you do to make your guest room inviting? 


  1. This are great ideas! These are the things we finally have time to do when the kids are grown. I think it's so warm and welcoming to have a cozy guest room for your guests!


  2. looks lovley

  3. Good luck with getting your guests to leave now!:-). Love it!


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