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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I've joined a gym

Source: via T on Pinterest

So I finally joined a gym. After months of trying to do it on my own I broke down and got the help I really needed. My original goal was to tone up enough to wear something Semi-slutty for the Madonna concert and I must say that I felt good that night....
Not my ideal weight but by then I had only been working out for just 3 weeks. 
It has now been about a month and I must admit I FEEL WONDERFUL. My clothes are fitting better and I am not obsessing over what food I am eating. Building muscle really is the only way I can get my forty.something ...year old body back into shape. Surprisingly my fat to lean muscle ratio was in the RISK zone on my first day with my trainer and although last time we checked I am still a bit high I am moving in the right direction. Goes to show you that your body size does not dictate what is really going on inside, I mean I am a size 8 which is a reasonable size for a woman of my age and my BMI is right on target but I am still at risk for having such a high level of fat. So although the Madonna concert is over I plan to stay motivated by placing a dollar in a jar every time I work out as shown in the picture above. That way each 100 workouts I can treat myself to something wonderful! 

PS Did I tell you that Madonna was AMAZING! She is a true performer!


  1. I'm a similar size and was surprised the last time they did my BMI how high the body fat was! Good for you for starting this.

  2. you look stunning already!

  3. That is a great idea to create a tip jar! I work out regularly already but love the idea of rewarding myself for every 100 workouts!


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