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Friday, June 01, 2012

Summer- Whatcha doing?

Summer to do list (1st edition)
I love me some lists. Funny how I don't really use them on a regular day to day basis, most of the time I just keep everything in my head or scribble down key words on a piece of paper laying about. I guess the only time I really use a list is when it is something I want to dream about or plan. So a summer to do list seems to be in order. 
  • Beach it. I love me some list and some beach time. Fresh ocean breeze and sand between your toes. You'd think I would be sick of the beach by now with all my mini trips lately but I just can't wait to get back to the beach. 
  • Watch the 2012 Olympics. Got to cheer on our U.S. athletes. For the few months that follow the Olympics I envision that I too could compete if only I'd get some training in. I think last year I thought I could pick up archery and shock and amaze my fellow archers. (Uh I've never even picked up a bow and arrow but it could happen)
  • Jet Ski. This always sounds so exhilarating until I am actually on the jet ski and become too scared to go above 10 miles per hour. 
  • Be at my perfect weight so I can eat anything I want. Ice cream and gelato to be exact. 
  • Summer afternoon picnic.  Lazily wasting the day while eating, drinking and playing. Awh sounds delightful.
  • Bike rides. Last summer I finally found my balance and ended up really enjoying long strolls with my hubby. We'll see how this year goes.
  • Watch the sun set with my honey.....again and again and again 
Merlot and Bella
  • Read a steamy book. Have any of you heard or read 50 shades of grey?
  • Road Trip! Maybe back to the wine country and maybe just maybe I'll pack my car and hit the open road not knowing where I'll end up. (Yah...that won't happen unless I'm lost then it actually happens a lot)
  • Have a summer romance (with the hubby of course)
  • Take a leap of faith
  • Travel. I need to see the world people! 

So any plans? Let's chat. 

(I'll be updating the list so stay tuned.)


  1. travel, sunset, bike ride, beach, olympics...all on my list this summer as well!

  2. Oh, I love your list!
    Travel is my no. 1 for this summer...we'll see how that goes.
    Have a great weekend Lila!

  3. Definitely NEED some beach time and a picnic! The kids from the high school are singing at the Olympics...they are that good! xo

  4. hi there!
    found you via Bella Q's blogroll!
    I would love to have a romance with my hubby this summer. Sounds like heaven....
    A new follower!
    Pop by sometime, I love to meet other +40's and share our style together!

  5. What a fun post! Came to you via 4inspired design :)

    Love you to do list and the book is getting better. I'm about half way through the first one.


  6. Thanks for stopping by! Yipee!

  7. That is one awesome list. I am also planning to enjoy tons of picnics this summer:) Muah

  8. Excited to be going to San Francisco next month! :)
    Tons of graduation parties and other picnics to attend too!

  9. we could totally be good friends! and thanks for the congrats :):)

  10. Ooh, that first picture had me dreaming of the beach... I've not had much time to escape over here even when the beaches are about a 45 min drive away...

    I love a good list too, loving yours! The Olympics will be very exciting indeed! Not long now!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment dear.

  11. Writing, watching the Euro Cup, take some trips, hopefully finish up some projects around the house. Relaxing for a minute might be nice too lol

  12. LOVE THIS POST...great visuals :). I cannot stop looking through your blog. I am now following. I hope you can check out my site: and FOLLOW. It is a pleasure to visit. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Steven B. :)


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