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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break!

Awhhhh the sun has finally decided to show itself here in Seattle.
Funny what the sun does to ones spirits, even yard work is a joyous activity. Hoping to make the most of this weather we are packing our bags, boys, and pups and heading to the beach. I love the beach; salty air, warm sand on my feet, and of course when I think of beach I think of bikes, kites, and ice cream. 
Feb 2012-Longbeach, WA

Tomorrow we leave for Seaside, OR. Super excited and ready to spend a few days relaxing with the family. 

I'll be back on next week to catch up with all of you and share a few surprises. 

Have a wonderful Week!


  1. Ahhh yes. The PNW in spring and summer = just wonderful I'll take it year 'round, in fact. Take pics of that beach! xo

  2. hey cutie!!! congrats on your running success, very nice!

  3. Beautiful pics and I just returned to work after having off a week for spring break. I hope you're enjoying your time in Oregon.


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