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Monday, April 02, 2012

12K Success...

.....well I made it anyways.

Sunday started out super cold but at least it was not raining. This being our very first race we decided to meet at the ungodly time of 7:30. The packet pick up line was non existent so we were able to grab our gear and head out for a small breakfast and tea before the race. About 8:45 we realized we had better get back to the field (race began at 9:00) Because we were running a bit behind we didn't hear the directions of where exactly to line up or even what direct we were going (we can be a bit clueless that early on a Sunday) 

Work yourself in the crowd, I say and that is exactly what we did. See me with my thumb up? Anyways at this point we overhead some people say that they overheard an announcement for the 12K runners to turn left. Argh was I going to get lost? We realized AFTER the race we had lined up with the 5K runners so we were a bit behind at the start. Luckily we had individual time chips attached to our shoes so regardless of when we left we knew what our time was. 

And We're OFF. See my sister in the white sweatshirt with her arms in the air?

I have to say my sister and I did a lot better than we thought. We had only trained for 13 weeks (really more like 8 weeks with all the time we took off) and had not jogged or ran for over 25 years when we started the couch to 12k training schedule. We kept our slow but steady pace for the full race and only stopped once to use the restroom. We probably only walked about a mile for the whole 12K and part of it was the frickin huge hills we had to endure. Overall we had a blast and at times were laughing so hard  I almost peed my pants. 

We ran the whole way together but my son had money on my sister beating me so I had to leave her in the dust the last 50 feet. My time 1:39.02, her time 1:39.11.

So relieved that I actually finished I started dancing! WooWoo

So you probably can guest that my sister didn't share my sentiment upon finishing the race. Yes the present was for my hubby wanting to get a photo. 

We are a bit sore this morning but nothing like we imagined. Actually feeling a bit proud that we completed our goal in a time we can live with. We have even started to plan next years race and definitely going to need better (more spirited) outfits. 

Hope you had a great weekend. 


  1. Yay yay yay! Well done! It must have been a bit horrid doing the run in the rain though. That last shot - absolutely cracking!!!

  2. Congrats to BOTH of you for doing this and for crossing the finish line. You don't know who you may have inspired...

  3. Congrats Lila!! You and your sis!
    So proud of you! I don't think I could have done it.
    You rock!!


  4. You won a giveaway at Rags against the Machine. I'll need your details to forward to Marketplace House of India for your prize.

  5. Congrats, Bella!
    Here's another chance to win AGAIN! Here at revasrags2roses!
    $100 gift card to Marketplace!
    Good luck!


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