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Friday, March 16, 2012

MMHL Tip#12 - Boost the metabolism

Tip #12- Ways to boost the metabolism

Supplements are an easy way to raise your metabolism. As we age our metabolism slows down and if you have continue to enjoy food and drinks as you did in your younger years you might have noticed a pudgy roll that seems impossible to get rid of. If you're trying to lose weight and feel that you're doing everything right you might need to look at adding supplements. Of course you should consult a doctor before heading to the store but for me supplements have been a real benefit to my diet. Dr. Oz (my new crush) has been running a series on losing weight and the benefits of diet and exercise with the help of these supplements.
Dr. Oz gives a list of foods and exercises to raise metabolism but I just want to get to the "easy" shortcut and for me that was 7- Keto.

7-Keto 100 mg twice daily.
7-Keto is natural byproduct of DHEA hormone in our own bodies that helps to keep us young. (sounds good so far?) AS we age the levels of DHEA and it byproducts lessens resulting in weight gain. 7-Keto works to counter this by stimulating the thyroid to permanently raise your metabolism's set point, or resting metabolic rate, so your body's engines can begin burning faster. ...

Still not a pill popping person but if 7-keto can rev up my metabolic rate and I can lose weight naturally....well its worth a shot.

Other supplements suggested are:

  • Guggul  -75ml daily
  • Forskolin -125 mg in the morning
  • Caraway seed-Handful after each meal.
  • Relora- 250 mg three times daily
Find out more information here


  1. I also love Dr.Oz:) He is so cool, isnt he? Have a great Friday, sweetie.

  2. i could def use a metabolism boost!!

  3. I'm in LOVE with your MMHL posts!! I'm running out tomorrow and picking up a few of these items..I will be checking back daily..thanks!



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