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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MMHL Tip #9 -Snack your way healthy.

Tip #9 - Pick the best cantaloupe.

Eating more fruits is an easy way to get the fiber and vitamins while cutting fat and curbing unhealthy snacking. Cantaloupe is a very low calorie super sweet alternative to an afternoon snackfest. One medium cantaloupe is only 188 calories and provides 18670 IU of Vitamin A and rich in potassium.

The ripeness of cantaloupes and honeydews can be determined in four ways:

1. The best thing you can do is smell. As for cantaloupe: don't look, don't touch, just smell. Ripe cantaloupe smells very sweet and nice. Sniffing out the most aromatic one is the smartest way to pick a cantaloupe or honeydew.

2. Thump test: hold your dominant hand as if ready to knock on a door. Deliver two or three good thumps to the round side of a melon. The sound should be deep and thick, indicating a dense, full fruit. A higher hollow sound can mean unripeness.

3. If a honeydew is beige-skinned with distinct green veins it's probably not ripe yet. If it has a pale yellow color with bright, lemon-colored areas you probably have found a good one.

Cantaloupes are unripe when the skin beneath the textured "web" is green. Cantaloupes are ripe when orange or gold.

4. Another mark of desirability is a patch that's slightly flat and bleached in color. Melons that develop on the vine flatten under their own weight, and lose color where they sit on hot soil. In general, stem ends should be moist, not moldy. A good melon is firm, but not rock hard. It yields very slightly to pressure but has no soft spots.

5. Ripe cantaloupes rattle only occasionally, so it's an unreliable indicator.

To determine ripeness of cantaloupes and honeydews in order to pick them from the plant, the following indices of maturity are known:

Grasp it firmly, give a tug and a twist. If it falls easily off the vine into your hand, it's ripe.

March madness update: Although I have not changed my eating habits I notice that I am snacking a lot less on chips and chocolate, my body is not craving them as much as it use to. I give credit to all the vitamins and minerals I am taking in my morning shake. (Tip 2 stop my cravings) This last week I did not exercise besides the 5 minute butt lift so I really need to get my jogs in especially since the race is less than 3 weeks away. I have started to make my own body wash out of non toxic soaps (I'll post this how to later) Getting rid of toxins will help my body run more efficiently, I am sure of it.  I have mixed my own stretch mark oil (post coming) and feel better about using a non chemical lotion than mederma on my delicate breast area, hopefully I'll see better results too. I love my morning tea but found that I have to get at least two coffees per week. Have you made any changes? How are they working out for you?

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  1. Now I am hungry for melon. I've been snacking on dried mango as I've caught up on reading blogs this evening.


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