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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MMHL Tip #14- Why not just buy it...

Tip #14 Buy it 

 For the person who does not have the time or the desire to make their own skin products I have found a wonderful brand that fits in with my whole March Madness to a healthy life guideline. It is non toxic, natural, organic, no parabens, and not tested on animals…….Sibu. 

 Sibu contain the much sought after berry of the Himalyas, the Sea buckthorn Berry. Known for its powerful nutrients of Omegas 3, 6, and 9 and an abundance of fatty acids that are vital to collagen production.
The Sea buckthorn berry has been used in a number of traditional health related concerns over the years like:
• Sustained energy levels
• Improved cellular health
• Cardiovascular support
• Inflammation
• Joint support
• Moisturizing dry and damaged skin
• Improved immune health
• Decreased wrinkles and fine lines
• Exzema and rosacea

I personally use the Body cleanse & detox soap, Hydrating serum, Body lotion, and take a supplement once a day.  I love how the hydrating serum is so light and smells of fresh citrus but for the winter months I still tend to use a moisturizer with it. It would be the perfect light weight formula if you use a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. The body lotion has a medicinal citrus smell to it but it absorbs quickly into the skin and makes my skin feel soft. The supplement has helped my nails grow and it is known to help maintain a healthy weight. My favorite of all products is the detox and cleanse bar soap. It is by far the best soap I have ever used. Moisturizing but does not leave a film on my skin. I use it mostly as a face wash but love to clean my brushes with it because it gets the make up off completely without harming the brushes. If you try any of their products start with the soap. It is about $4.00 and will last a long time. I am now considering making my liquid soap with this bar so I can easily use it in the shower.

Check out Sibu

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