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Sunday, March 04, 2012

12K Week 10- All in time

Now that I have started my new 5 week training routine and March Madness to healthy living I feel so motivated. I only have a few weeks to go and see my training pay off. My hip has much improved and after going to the doctor yesterday I now know what I need to do to stay injury free. The rule of thumb while starting an jogging routine is to take it slow increasing your workout by only 10% each week. So if you walk/jogged 15 miles the week before you may only increase it 1.5 miles for the week. The day I injured my hip I increased my workout by 50%. My doctor gave me a few stretches to do and strength building exercises to help relieve pain. This week I did approximately 13 miles so I can only increase 1.3 miles next week which puts me a bit behind the schedule but I don't plan on risking another injury by pushing myself again. I will finish up my week today by taking a 4 mile walk with the hubby and Bella and then jogging 1 mile on the way home. I am so glad I am doing this now in March....I don't want another June to come and go wishing I could wear that cute bikini sitting in my summer box, this is MY year for the bikini. :)

MMHL update: I am loving the Pu erh tea and white tea I have added to my diet. I do not miss my morning coffee at all. The vitamins and green supplement I have started gives me tons of energy and makes training easier. (posting on that tomorrow) I hope you are incorporating some of the tips into your daily lives. Why wait? Start living a healthy life today.


  1. Good luck on your training! I'm sure you will rock that run.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. I love white tea too. It's tough to start a work out routine. I have totally dropped the ball. Hate hate hate jogging. Thinking of going to check out gyms today w/ my daughter...she'll force me to get there! xo


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