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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

VD is over but surprises still linger

No I am not speaking of the poundage that I might of put on yesterday when I refer to surprises! I did give my self permission to enjoy boundless pieces of chocolate, cupcakes, and cookies and topped it all off with my hubby's famous enchiladas. Our son took his girlfriend out to dinner at Red Robins and then to a movie, awh young love. 
Surprises? Oh yes....Since Valentines is so close to Mid Winter Break we usually try to plan a mini break away from the home  and this year is no different.

After a fun filled weekend with my In laws and hubby's step brother we will be heading to Longbeach, WA. Although we are taking my son and his friend I was still able to plan an evening out for just the hubby and I. We'll catch up and play footsy while eating a gourmet 4 course dinner at The Depot, an award winning restaurant located in a historic train depot. While we are off gazing into each others eyes our boys will have fun cruising the beach for clams and oysters, flying kites, visiting jake the Alligator man, and well....just being boys. 

Have you been to Longbeach before? Please tell!

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  1. Oh yum, those cupcakes looks so good:) Glad you had a wonderful Valentine's day and your trip sounds fun. I bet you will have a blast. Muah, sunshine.


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