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Monday, February 20, 2012


This morning as I drove into work the radio DJ was reading off a list of "overheard conversations" How funny to hear just parts of ones conversation...Out of contents (I am sure) or maybe not? These quotes had me wondering what people hear as my friends and I stroll down the street. 

-- "We didn't click at first, but after four cocktails, I realized he was really cute." (Woman to woman, overheard at SFO by Roger Thornhill)

-- "She wanted to come to my place, but I wanted to go to her place because I wanted to finish a half bottle of wine I left there." (Man to man, overheard at Grove and Fillmore by Ken Maley)

-- "And then I slept with him, because I'm kind of sick." (Young woman to young woman, overheard at Crissy Field by John Sasaki)

-- "We totally hit it off. I sang her my sperm donation song and we were off and running." (Man to man at the Berkeley Farmers' Market, overheard by Sarah Weiss)

-- "He's going to send me a picture of his penis. I just know it." (Woman to woman, overheard walking around Lake Merced by Laura McCabe)

-- "He dropped the 'I love you' thing on me this morning." (College-age woman, overheard on the steps of Wheeler Hall at UC Berkeley by Ron Loewinsohn)

-- "She speaks five languages and can't say 'no' in any of them." (Father talking about adult daughter, overheard at Regalito Rosticeria by Randall Whitehead)

-- "If he can't figure out the public transportation system, well ... I don't want you dating him." (Mother to teenage girl, overheard at San Francisco General by Douglas Michael Massing)

-- "She said if a man drinks out of a straw when they are on a date, that's the last date." (Female walker, overheard near Corte Madera Creek by Jackie Littman)

-- "If you make air quotes with your fingers one more time, this date is over." (Young blonde to young bearded man, overheard at Nettie's Crab Shack by Dan Henry)

-- "I know he doesn't like women. But he likes me. Really." (Woman to man, overheard in front of Mel's Diner on Mission Street by David Bolton)

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  1. That first one is brilliant... I guess anyone can be bloody cute after 4 cocktails! LOL!


  2. Haha...I like "she speaks five language..."
    Well, I've been known to say some silly things in my lifetime...gotten in trouble for few, too. Life!

  3. THIS is funny... I can only imagine what people have overheard from my conversations over the years..ha!


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