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Monday, February 13, 2012

12K- Could I get a new hip pleeezzz?

Okay okay week 7 was not what I had imagined....I was feeling all kinds of wonderful after last weeks triumph but it really kicked me in the a** this week. I told you about my hip pain but really didn't think too much about it until my boss got me paranoid. (somewhat easy to do, I am the one that described a pain I had to my doctor as scissors left inside of me.) Anyways, he said maybe now that I am ancient older I could be losing the cushioning between my bones and the pain I have is my hip bone rubbing on my leg bone. Paranoia sets in...
So after looking up many hip ailments and self diagnosing myself I have Hip Bursitis. Sounds dreadful doesn't it? Basically it is a condition that is  associated with the swelling and the pain that is focused on the bursa on the inner sections of the thigh.  A bursa is a liquid filled sac, one of the parts of your leg that is often used as a shock absorber during impact. and strengthening and the possibility of cortison injections (uh no thank you) Even with the pain I was able to get one more jog in of 23 minutes on Wednesday but afterwards my hip was in too much pain and my paranoia took over so I didn't jog the rest of the week. I did, however, go to two yoga classes to focus on stretching and relieving some of the pain. Hip Bursitis can be treated by developing stomach and back muscles (which I have none) and working on shortening my stride and choosing level surfaces to jog on. I am hoping the yoga will build the muscle I am lacking. Here are some Yoga poses to help get my hip in shape.

The most straight forward yoga pose of all, but our favorite. By standing in this position you are placing your body into a state of perfect balance, allowing you to completely stretch the muscles that are causing you pain. As you know from out hip pain exercise article, the hip flexors are very important to use and work out so make sure you are hitting them with this pose.
Hero Pose
A less known pose, the hero pose – is great for giving your hard to reach hip muscles a much needed stretch. By starting off on all fours in the cat pose and bringing your rear end down towards your ankles you will be in the hero pose, please find a resource online illustrating the process in order to ensure that you are doing the procedure correctly.
I admit that this whole 12K training has me wanting to get into better health. I am now researching vitamins, yoga, stretches, diet and exercises. What do you do to keep yourself healthy?


  1. ohh good luck with your goals!

  2. I've been having knee pain for 2 years and i thought it was jumper's knee, which is totally comment. But i just found out its a bone tumor... now I need surgery and I'm kinda freaked. But it's probably not cancer or anything and I will feel better afterwards.

    Sorry I dont mean to scare you, but best to listen to your body!

    Take care, I hope you feel better!



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