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Saturday, February 25, 2012

12K - Can I get me a Woohoo?

Week 9 might not really constitute a "woohoo." The end of Week 8 we spent with my In-laws meeting my great nephew and reconnecting with family that lives in California. You can always count on unusually large glasses of wine and endless array of food at my in-laws and unfortunately they did not disappoint! Sticking to my Promises I had smaller portions and when returning for second helpings I scooped up the fresh fruit  instead of the bacon and sausage egg dish (that was insanely good), I limited my snacks and even decided to go light on the wine. Definitely worth a "woo" if not a full heartfelt "woohoo."
10 month old Porter

After a wonderful weekend we headed south to Longbeach, WA for a mini break. Not knowing what to expect I packed as if I was leaving for 2 weeks when really it was just a few nights. Our hotel, Adrift, was a newly remodeled "green" hotel located right on the beach. Our view was perfect. Here are a few things we did on our mini trip.

While in Longbeach we became bikers
The cruisers the hotel had for use were too much fun. We biked the trails, into town, and to breakfast. We biked so much that our bums are still yelling at us. We must have biked over 15 miles.

We got close to Jake
Part man and part alligator.

Saw the largest frying pan.
Gourmet dinner for two; Hubby tried quail for the first time and loved it.
Ate Ice cream

Played mini golf

And of course enjoyed the puppies on the beach.

As for my workouts: We walked daily on the beach and rode the cruisers whenever possible. This week I plan on getting back to jogging S*l*o*w*l*y, no need to pull out my hip again. Starting in March I will be posting daily tips on getting healthy and fit for summer, hope you join me.

Hope you had a wonderful week.


  1. What fun!
    Looks like fun time for puppies too!
    What's with Jake? Eeek!
    I'm giving you a woohoo! Keep up the good work Bella!

  2. Yes you can! WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!
    Have a pretty day!


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