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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter storm but staying warm

I live outside of Seattle and if you have been watching the news you know we have had quite the winter storm blow in. It started snowing Sunday night, on Monday I went to work for a short time but have stayed home since...(considering going in today but then it started snowing again) For those that  get snow each year I am sure you think of us as a bunch of wimps but it is difficult when you don't have to deal with it regularly and do not have snow tires. We lost our electricity yesterday a few times, thank goodness for our fireplace!
I admit I like being locked down in our home with my family. Phoenix has been having a wonderful time sledding and playing smear the queer and of course our 4 legged friends keep me entertained. 

Bella is just too funny and these videos crack me up.

Hope you are all staying warm.


  1. Love all your pics of little Bella - they make me smile. I love in Atlanta and we had one of those 'close down the city for a week" snows last year. Although I hail from the North, no one realizes the stress on the people and the city resources when snow is just not the norm. Stay warm and safe!!

  2. oh my gosh your pup is so cute! why do dogs love snow so much?

    i am down in the four corners area (black diamond-ish). we chipped away a half inch of ice on my car this afternoon, and then it almost immediately began snowing again.

    i hope this melts so i can haul my behind up to downtown bellevue for work. 2 days off is unHEARD of in my office. :P

    glad you're staying warm!

  3. LOL!! That video was hilarious, she sure is a hopper :D My puppy Sophie does the exact same thing in the fields during the summer (she haaaates snow - so she stays away from it in the winter). To cute!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog <3

  4. I love snow!! But only if I can snuggle at home or on vacation. Wish I had Bella's energy. Hello to your family and stay warm!

  5. What a cutie - thanks for sharing the story of your blog at Friendship Friday!


  6. Aww, Bella is adorable! Our dog, Lady, loves the snow also -- she rolls it over and over :-)

    Visiting from Friendship Friday!

    Bonkers in Barnhart

  7. Do I dare say it??? YOU ARE A DORK!! Of course that is said with love (and seriousness!!) haha


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