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Friday, January 13, 2012

Oooh how Kushy

............Kushy Foot 

Recently I have the opportunity to try out my first pair of Kushyfoot microfiber tights. Never heard of them before but the packaging was fun, they were made out of Lycra, but what really caught my interest was the  reflexology-inspired sole. Hmmm tights that actually massage your feet? 

Once I slipped these babies on I felt like a spring chicken. Lately my feet have been sore due to all the training I have been doing for my upcoming 12K run. The massaging cushions really did relieve the achy feeling I had and it put a little pep in my step. I thought that the texture of the sole would be bothersome after awhile but just after a few minutes I didn't notice the bumpy feeling anymore. What I did notice was that my legs seemed to have a lot more energy and weren't tired after standing most of the day.

Microfiber tights come in Black, Brown, Grey (mine), Navy and Purple. 

 See the massaging soles? 
Curious, I did a bit of investigating and this is what I found out. 
Kushyfoot leg wear products are made by one of the North America's finest hosiery manufacturer meaning your purchase supports our economy. In addition to the tights their collection includes almost invisible foot covers, toe covers, trouser socks, mitten socks, yoga socks (seriously check these out!), and athletic varieties - many with reflexology inspired soles ....even the Flats to go had the cushioned soles!

So if you're looking for some new leg wear that will help relieve some of the pain you're surely causing yourself while fulfilling your resolutions (Uh yes I am speaking about myself) I suggest you buy some Kushyfoot leg wear, I mean who else is going to rub your feet?

  Buy them here. 


  1. I MUST HAVE A PAIR!!! Yes, I did just scream that. I wear tights all the time with heels or boots and there is absolutely no cushion in them. My feet hurt all the time. I've never heard of these and can't wait to get a pair, are they new? Thanks for sharing your find because I definitely want some now.

  2. They sound fabulous! I definitely want something that will massage my feet for me. (my kids and my husband won't do it)

  3. I have to get a pair of these ...thanks for the tip!
    Just got back from my summer holidays so popping by to wish you a Happy New Year & I hope all your dreams come true in 2012
    Melissah from Country Style Chic

  4. I am definitely getting a pair of the yoga socks. Loving how my legs are feeling.

  5. Oh these sound amazing!!! I have to try them! Exactly what I need :)

    Hope you're having a great weekend, love! Oh and you look just gorgeous! xoxo

  6. This sounds like a genius creation!!! I could use something like this, only I don't think they're available over here! Least I have a decent pair of trainers to run/walk in for now!

    Thanks for stopping by, you're not the only one jealous of Dawns amazing job!


  7. They sound really awesome and I totally need to get a pair as well:) Have a great day, sunshine. xo

  8. Oooo sounds like a good idea!

    Thanks for visiting my blog,


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