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Saturday, January 21, 2012

12K Training at a halt (week 4)

Week 4 has been a tough training week. I wanted to start a full protein food week to help jump start my body and I wanted to have at least 4 training sessions ....well, I wanted a lot of things that didn't seem to happen. One week the eye of the tiger the next week that same tiger closed it's eyes and hibernated  Yes, I did get out 3 times for walks but couldn't get myself to run (not even on the treadmill) Walking in 12 inches of snow definitely works different muscles and my calves are having a fit! What makes this week worse is that my sister has been training hard and now is up to jogging 1/2 mile, easily. She taunts motivates me with her emails and text as she achieves yet another goal while all I am achieving is the snow-cation bulge.
As I look outside it is so easy to allow myself to take a "snow day". Must get moving!
How do you stay motivated?


  1. I would say that the snow is a legitimate excuse!

  2. Snow is an excuse. get on treadmill and just say I'm walking for x minutes. You will be amazed at how quickly you can get back on track!
    xo, great job.. laura

  3. Its definitely hard when the weather is bad. I also had 12 inches of snow and wasn't about to drive to the gym or try to navigate icy spots. I geared up in winter clothes and trudged around the lake at a slow walk.

    This week I'm re-signing up with my trainer. I feel it's the only way to kick my butt into gear and get back onto a legitimate schedule.

    Good luck this week!

  4. A trainer is a good idea, I wonder if I can find one for running rather than just overall shape?

  5. bummer about the snow! if you can find the motivation to get on the treadmill, maybe that will keep you on track until the weather gets better. a personal trainer is also another option, but isn't that expensive?

  6. Ooooo you go girl! Motivation is so hard sometimes, I usually try to think about the prize at the end :) hehehe

    Thanks for dropping by my blog <3

  7. Running in horrid or cold weather is difficult... Use a treadmill if you can... Otherwise some form of cardio exercise will help keep yous stamina up, along with brisk walks,though not the same as running.

  8. Last week it was hard to do anything around these parts..let alone get outside and run!!!

  9. You can totally do it, sweetie but I totally know what you mean. It's hard to get going when the weather is like that. Good luck and have a wonderful day. xo

  10. That is a toughie. Snowy weather can be hard. Could you do some playing outside. I hear building snowmen is all the rage this year!!


  11. I can understand how you feel with all of the snow...I hope that you get yourself back on track!!

    I got out and walked today but only because the car is low on gas and I had to run an errand. Twenty minutes each way but I sure felt good afterwards. I need to leave the car at home more often!

  12. I actually saw a girl running outside while I was driving to the store. There was snow piles on the side of the road and she had on this cute little jogging outfit and earmuffs. Arrrrgggghhhhh. And, of course, her body totally did NOT need to exercise. I feel you, because I don't get how people do it. I am only motivated in short intervals and then it's back to ice cream.

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