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Sunday, January 01, 2012

12K - Challenge (new goals for 2012)

Its true! My sister persuaded me to register for the 12K. A 12K might not sound like that much to someone whom regularly works out, walks, or run but for someone who just started taking walks again it is a HUGE commitment. Why not the 5K? Would be a easier goal, something feasible to train for in the 15 weeks ahead but NO my sister has to go all in - what is the saying? "Go hard or go home?" And although she does not run, jog, or barely workout I am sure she thinks she will win the race or at least beat me! Can't let that happen, nope I have started a running routine that estimates I will be ready for a 10K in 16 weeks. (I guess I'll just drop after 10K and will need to be carried the rest of the way)
My first 8 week training schedule:
Week 1- Walk 6 min. Jog 1 min. Repeat 3x, workout 3x week
Week 2 - Walk 5 min, Jog 2 min. Repeat 3x. w/o 3x week
Week 3 - Walk 4 min. Jog 3 min. Repeat 3x, w/o 3x week
Week 4- Walk 2 min. Jog 5 min. Repeat 3x. w/o 3x week
Week 5 -Walk 2 min. Jog 8 min. Repeat 3x, w/o 3x week
Week 6- Walk 2 min. Jog 9 min. Repeat 3x, w/o 3x week
Week 7 - Walk 1 min. Jog 11 min. Repeat 3x, w/o 3x week
Week 8 - Walk 5 min. Jog 20 min. Work up to 30 min. W/o 3x week

Jogging 1 minute at a time does not seem like a hard task until you jog for 1 minute. 

Do you jog? Any training tips you can give me?
Live nearby and want to join in? Register here.


  1. Woohoo~~Quite the commitment!

  2. Oooh! Good for you!! I used to do a bit of running and the only thing I found was to just keep going - and you'll be amazed at how fast you improve.



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