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Monday, August 15, 2011

Amazing Concert!

Groupon can be your best friend watching out for you -telling you about an amazing opportunity you might have missed otherwise. Not only has it been there when I needed two dozen cupcakes for only $16.00 and the Hot yoga classes to burn off said cupcakes but last night it prevented me from making a very big (HUGE) mistake.  Last night my hubby and I were lucky enough to catch Sade in concert. She is one of those artist that you might not listen to daily but blows your mind Live. She is definitely a smooth operator bringing a unique sound and performance to her audience. She was both powerful while putting me in a trance like state all for $116.00 Total, the people next to us paid $150.00 a ticket. The only downside was the 40+ woman in the seats below me that were so wasted they started rubbing the backs of the group in front of them and danceing falling all over the place while blocking the view of the other guest. Now don't get me wrong- I am 40 and I know how to have fun but to dress like I am 20 and act as if EVERYONE wants to see me dance and grind the seats around me is probably something I would avoid. Just sayin.....Oh did I mention the air guitar? (to my surprise some people still do it and at a Sade concert no less)
Anyways, If you have a chance to see her show I would highly recommend it even if it is NOT your everyday type of music.

Yes she is 52 years old and has not aged!


  1. oh! i would love to see her in concert! it's funny, i totally understand what you mean by not your every day music! and she sure is looking fab!

  2. i love that u get down - age is just a number - DO YOU all that matters - i love that u got into it - FABULOUS girl - and i LOVE groupon and livingsocial - so many great buys!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. It's probably only the 40+ something crowd that know about Sade. For me her songs take me back a long time... As for her looks, she hasn't changed much..


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