Saturday, November 17, 2012

Holiday Ideas

I have been glued to pinterest these last few days for one reason only...Holiday ideas. I love changing up my decor and gifts each year but lets face it...I'm not that creative. That's where my love of pinterest comes in.  
This is what I'm loving now....

I actually made this yesterday and it took me a total of 20 minutes to do. I absolutely love it.

Source: via Bella on Pinterest

I love the use of white pumpkins.

To get you through the day. 

Fun snacks for the kiddos

Source: via Bella on Pinterest

Perfect craft

Source: via Bella on Pinterest

You just need a guide sometimes.

Perfect for my mantel

Speaking of my mantel- LOVE


Diana Mieczan said...

WOW, what a perfect snack idea! LOVE. Have a great Monday, lovely.

Krystal said...

wow i LOVE the pine cone string above the fire place, that is perfect. and the caramel apples look good!


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